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I’m Lamain. I live in Nashville.
I write songs.
I teach people how to sing.
I have a therapist.
And I feel valued when I’m able to be vulnerable.

Since the first song I wrote when I was fourteen, I have been using songs as a way to explain how I feel.
Sometimes to myself, sometimes to others, sometimes through metaphor, but always with honesty.

Songwriting is the one place where a lack of authenticity is obvious. While being vulnerable is a deep desire every human has, it’s also the one thing we refuse to let ourselves do. We admire vulnerability in others but find difficulty in exposing our own stories.

When I’m telling my own story or co-writing with an artist and telling theirs, I have found the answer is always the most honest lyric. And that’s where I have found the most freedom.

So whether through my released music or La Crypte, I want to share my most honest feelings with you.
Maybe they will help you be honest with your story.

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